Apostle Nona McKenzie Parker is an anointed, passionate woman of God that preaches and teaches the word of God with sharp, apostolic insight and accurate revelation to the 21st century church. Apostle Nona is a commissioned and ordained Apostle that releases a scripturally  organic, culturally unmodified Word from the Lord.  Bearing the mantle of Apostleship, her unique style of ministry expresses the authority of her mantle and captures the attention of the hearer.  

​​​​​​​She is an end-time voice of Kingdom truth and is known for her wisdom and prophetic council.  She stands boldly in the Apostle's office, executing it with prophetic exactness, wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God and His Word. 

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Apostle's Profile

Apostle Nona is founder and Senior Pastor of Antioch Christian Assembly Intl’ (ACA), a thriving New Testament church located in Chicago’s south Suburbs, and is Founder and Senior Apostle of the "Gate Church" in Lexington, KY. She is also founder of "City Gate Training  Center" (CGTC). CTGC is the "training extension" of Antioch Christian  Assembly Church and was developed to thoroughly train, equip and prepare men and women for their Kingdom and life assignments.  CGTC is the home of “Shamar Prophetic Training Institute” which provides training for maturing prophets and intercessors, and "Mentoring Moments", a mentoring program for Kingdom Women.

Apostle Nona is under the apostolic seal, covering and mentorship of Apostle Dr. Paula Price, PhD, author of the globally renowned books, “The Prophet’s Dictionary”, and “The Prophet’s Handbook”.  She is a commissioned and ordained Apostle, a Charter Council Member of New Era Apostleship Restitution of Churches and Ministries (N.E.A.R)  and serves on the Board of Trustees for Price University, Tulsa OK.  ​​​​​​​

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What To Expect from NPM?

About the course

As a Marketplace Minister, Apostle Nona is the visionary and Chancellor of Antioch Christian Homeschool Academy, a homeschool program for elementary grades and is a former Financial Analyst for a major oil corporation. She is a NEAR Commissioned Apostle, Charter Council Member of NEAR, a Goodwill Ambassador credentialed by NEAR and serves on the board of Trustees of Price University in Tulsa OK.  She has 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren.